bloodred1889 (bloodred1889) wrote in medicated_life,

 hay people.
ive been with this community for aages but i mostly just watch it, hardly post here, though i post on my journal loads.

anyway im 23 and i have borderline personality disorder and fibromyalgia, i also think i may have slow onset schizophrenia because i hear voices and weird things happen to me.

anyway right now im only on 3 meds
clonazepam for anxiety and pain
dihydracodeine for pain
and parapexole which is for parkinsons desiese but i use it for restless leg syndrome which comes with my fibromyalgia.

im seeing my psyciatrist today for the first time in 6 months and im gonna ask for an anti depressent, somthing to help me sleep and maybe somthing for my hullucinations, although im not happy about the weight gain alot of them have as side effects.

in the past ive been on

ive used diphahydramine recreationally coz it helped me sleep and stopped me getting itching from my pain medication.

also it took me along time to get upto dihydracodeine 120mg tabs, i started at the bottom of the opiods ladder, alot of doctors woudnt give me them said i was a drug seeker, coz it did take aages to get my fibromyalgia diegnosed.. bastards.

so yeah in genral im in pain alot, i dont sleep well or i sleep too much and im pretty sure im loosing touch with reality more and more heh.
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