thiskidfukked (thiskidfukked) wrote in medicated_life,

hi, i just joined this community.

but anyway...
i have depression and anxiety... and insomnia, but my doctor just tells me to think "happy thoughts," so that doesn't really count worth shit, i guess.
i had been given some lorazepam(sp) before. it was super low-dose, 0.5mg, and was told to only take it at signs of a panic attack.
however, i didn't really find it effective at all. i had even tried taking 2-3 at a time, and that even didn't seem to help... 
so now, i just recently been put on effexor, which i'm not exactly thrilled about, but whatever. i'll give it a try for a month. 

i was wondering, is anyone on both an snri or ssri and a benzo? is it likely that a doctor would put me on both?
i feel as though that would be more effective, because i'm still get bad anxiety and panic attacks, partly because i'm uncomfortable being on this medication and i kinda freak out and think i can feel my brain changing and just irrational thoughts like that, plus just the normal anxiety i would normally get (although i haven't exactly been on it long enough). 

really, i don't want to be on the effexor (or any ssri's) at all. but i don't know, can you take benzos daily? everything i read on the internet is keep saying you shouldn't take it daily for more than two weeks, so i'm confused. 

sorry my questions aren't exactly clear. 

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As far as Effexor goes, you won't get any benefits from the medication at first, probably 4-6 weeks before it starts working.

As to benzos, doctors don't like to prescribe them because they are so addictive. I have some but they are for extreme anxiety, not daily use. My doctor will give me 30 .5mg Ativan once a year or so. I was given a prescription for daily xanax back in 1992 and started having signs of addiction without the first month and had to go off them. I would not advise sustained use of them.
alright, thanks.
my therapist actually made me feel better about being on the effexor.

are you on an anti-depressant as well?
i took ativan (was actually given 30 .5s, too), but they weren't effective at all.
might just need a stronger dose, if i still experience anxiety/panic attacks.

thanks for the reply.
Yeah, I am on an antidepressant - Cymbalta. I have taken Effexor in the past and found that it was effective for me. Actually, I have bipolar so I take Cymbalta, Lamical (mood stabilizer), Concerta (stimulant - a long-acting ritalin), Ability (anti-psychotic) and Ambien (sleeping pill)... along with Ativan as needed (infrequently for anxiety). My most common problem with mood is typically depression. I only become anxiety in certain situations and don't handle stress well.