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I'm new here...

Hello everyone! I am new to the community so I hope that this post is okay. If not, I will delete it.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007 and since then have been placed on Lexapro. I've had good results with this medication and I know that I need it because how down and out I can get if I dont have this daily help.

Unfortunately I have recently lost my job and my insurance does help a lot but it is getting a little costly to purchase this medication. Lexapro isn't on the Walgreens meds list but a generic version of Zoloft is. The pharmacist said that they are very similar and I was wondering if someone can tell me if they have gone from one to another? If so, is it recommended do you think? I dont have symptoms with Lexapro and never did, only when I stopped taking it (my own decision-wont happen again lol) I suffered from withdrawals.

Any opinion is welcomed...I haven't talked to my doctor yet, I will. But I would just like to hear from real people and not read a pamphlet you know?
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