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Hello guys,
I'm Jen, Finnish and (obviously) new.

I'm not that "hardcore" when it comes to meds; for the 411 I could make a small list too;

Seronil (that would be the Finnish name for Prozac; SSRI, prescribed for unipolar depression - don't take these any longer)
Sertralin (=Zoloft; SSRI, prescribed for unipolar depression - recently quit these due to a bipolar diagnosis)
Diazepams (=Valium = benzos, mainly for aiding with sleeping and to help during anxiety attacks + they lessen the urge to purge as I'm bulimic)
Melatonine (=sleeping pills for me, shown to work on bipolars as well so I guess they're multitasking, for some reason a prescription drug in Finland)
Naproxen (=muscle relaxant, also have some codeine-based for pain, but I don't use these often, and deffo not daily)
Am currently waiting for my new meds for the bipolar- am expecting atleast
Seroquel (=Quetiapine, is an antipsychotic drug) , alternatively Olanzapine but I don't know about these yet.

Nice to meet y'all :)


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